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>>Two famous Englishmen at the time of Napoleon

29 mai 2006
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Admiral Horatio NELSON (1758-1805)

In 1805 the Royal Navy fought against the French and the Spanish ships in Cape Trafalgar in the South of Spain. (JPG) Admiral Nelson defeated the French but he died on his ship "Victory". ( This ship was built, in Chatham Dockyards we visit in June 2006.) Nelson’s funerals took place in London at St Paul’s Cathedral. In Trafalgar Square in London we can see a statue of Nelson at the top of the column.

Sir Arthur Wellesley, duke of WELLINGTON (1769-1852) (JPG)

Wellington and the English troops defeated the French troops of Napoleon in Waterloo in 1815. Wellington was made Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and went to live in Walmer Castle. He often had visitors.Queen Victoria and her family spent three weeks in Walmer Castle to visit Wellington. Wellington died in 1852. His funerals took place in London in St Paul’s Cathedral. The name of Waterloo was given to a train station in London. This is where the Eurostar stops. (GIF)

Takafumi, Sabine, Ryota and Saya

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